Headquarters & Back Office

Targeted Sub-Sectors

  • Corporate Headquarters
  • Back Office
  • Service Centers

Employment Data

Employed in Headquarter and Back Office Operations: 6,000+


Customer Service Reps
Bill & Account Collectors
Business Operations Specialists
Financial Managers
Information & Record Clerks
 Current  Employment* 808  113   1,615   264   2,184  
 Entry** $12.69  $13.39   $20.74   $33.39   $11.55  
 Experienced** $19.39   $24.62   $38.37   $71.83  $17.58  
 Median** $17.38   $19.64   $30.18   $57.73   $15.51  

 Industry Turnover  Rate***

*JobsEQ Occupation Snapshot, employment as of 4Q2016 (Frederick County Workforce Draw Area of 45 miles)
**JobsEQ Occupation Wages, wage data from BLS as of 2015 (Winchester MSA (Winchester, Frederick County, Hampshire County, WV))
***JobsEQ Workforce Characteristics, 4 quarters ending 3Q2014 (Management of Companies and Enterprises Industry in the Winchester MSA)

Key Advantages


  • Competitive rates
  • State-of-the-art utilities and telecommunications infrastructure
  • Construction costs nearly 14% lower than the national average


  • Priority, streamlined local building permit system
  • Construction can commence in a matter of weeks
  • Permit system parallels building schedules


  • 4,500 business service professionals within the workforce draw area

Air Transportation

  • Three international airports within a two-hour drive
  • Be at Dulles International in just 50 minutes, serving 20 million passengers per year


  • Robust fiber network linking major commercial and industrial centers with regional and national providers
  • Major long distance carriers include AT&T, Level 3, Verizon, and Comcast
  • Phone and data services available through AT&T, Level 4, Verizon, and Comcast, and others

Already Operating Here




Navy Federal Credit Union Contact Center 1,000+
Trex Company HQ, Back Office, Manufacturing 500-999

Back Office

FBI Back Office 500-999
Army Corps of Engineers Back Office 250-499
American Woodmark HQ, Back Office 100-249
Valley Proteins HQ, Manufacturing 100-249
Source: VEC Employment Data, Average Employment from 3Q2016

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